Expanding a Culture of Genuine Southern Hospitality

We are currently seeking out restaurant franchise owners who have:

  • Preferable background in the restaurant industry, or lead operator experience at a restaurant
  • Experience in managing a team of employees
  • A lot of energy and passion for the brand
  • Local connections with their community

Funding Your Franchise

  • The franchise fee is $50,000 (plus a $10,000 grand opening marketing fee for the first restaurant).
  • If you’re looking to open additional restaurants, the franchise fee is $45,000 (plus a $10,000 grand opening marketing fee for each additional restaurant secured under an Area Development Agreement).
  • Please note that a $20,000 non-refundable deposit will be due upon signing the Area Development Agreement.
  • Upon execution of the franchise agreement for each additional restaurant, $25,000 (plus a $10,000 grand opening marketing fee) will be due.

Other investment requirements include:

  • Minimum liquid assets: $250,000
  • Minimum net worth: $750,000
  • Initial investment Non-Drive-Thru: $742,300–$950,300 (not including tenant improvement funds)*
  • Initial investment Drive-Thru Location: $762,300–$980,300 (not including tenant improvement funds)*
  • Royalty and marketing fees: 5% royalty, up to 2% national advertising, and 1% local marketing (minimum)
  • Term of franchise agreement: 10 years with three 10-year options (if you meet renewal requirements)

Feel free to fill out our form or check out our owner testimonials for more information. We would be delighted to hear from you!

*Please refer to Item 7 of our 2022 Franchise Disclosure Document for additional detailed information. This discloses 2021 average unit volume for all 130 franchised Restaurants that operated during all of 2021. 62 (or 48%) of these 130 franchised Restaurants exceeded this AUV number during 2021. A new franchisee’s results may differ from the represented performance. There is no assurance that you will do as well and you must accept that risk. These figures appear in Item 19 of our April 28, 2022 Franchise Disclosure Document with other historical financial performance information for franchised and affiliate-owned Restaurants.
Please refer to our 2022 Franchise Disclosure Document for additional information. This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. It is for information purposes only. Currently, the following states regulate the offer and sale of franchises: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. If you are a resident of or want to locate a franchise in one of these states, we will not offer you a franchise unless and until we have complied with applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements in your state. Franchise offerings are made only after we provide a Franchise Disclosure Document.

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